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Nof often you see a porn performer do double anal and double penetration in her first scene! I bet we can expect a lot of nice shit from this kinky redhead in the future! She has fake tits and appearantly no boundaries. I've released two scenes on her blog already and can't wait for the next one she does. Click here to see the Kenzie Vaughn blog!

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Eva Kay

Feb 11, 2013



Eva Kay is a petite blonde babe with a B-Cup. She was born in December 1990. As of now I've only seen softcore sets with her, hopefully that will change. She was smoking hot so I decided to build a blog around her anyways.

Check out her blog here!

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Check out this 18yo hottie I came across today! My first thought when seeing a brand new hottie is always to build a blog about her; so I did. She goes by the name of Megan Sweetz and appearantly loves to get pounded on camera.


Click here to check out her blog!

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I didn't really notice Layla Sin until I saw her from behind, she truly has an ass to die for. That's something I've noticed about latinas, they usually have great asses. She has two scenes out and more will come, looking forward to it!


Some facts I picked up:


Height: 5 6, Weight: 115, Bust: 34B, Waist: 24, Hips: 36, Shoe Size: 6.5, Pants Size: 2 – 4


Click here to see her get fucked!

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18yo Lacy Channing

Jan 28, 2013

Lacy Channing


Another fresh 18yo for ya'll! I found this girl over at ATK Galleria as well, looks like I can "recruit" a bunch of girls from that site in the future. She has only done a couple of softcore scenes and 1 hardcore scene that I've come across so far. But from what I've seen she's shot others that will be realeased soon. Can't wait!!


And now for some stats I stole from ATK:


Bust : 32b, Waist : 24, Hips : 32, Height : 5'2, Weight : 98, Shoe Size : 6.5, Place Of Birth : Burbank, CA


Click here to visit the Lacy Channing Blog!

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Megan Salinas is a cute 18 year old teen from Texas with hot natural boobs and a smashing body. She's only doing solo so far but I've heard she's thinking about going hardcore. Let's all pray for that to happen! Would love to see this babe get filthy..


As long as I have these stats I thought I could just as well post them;

Bust : 34C, Waist : 22, Hips : 34, Height : 5'3, Weight : 100lbs, Shoe Size : 6.5


Click here to check out her site!



I liked this chick the minute I laid eyes on her. Ayla Marie has a cute smile and a delicious body. She is a kinky one too, I found a scene of her having sex with a transsexual! Hence the title of this post. She is a preschool teacher so hopefull they won't discover her online hobby :)


Here's a few facts: Bust : 34B, Waist : 24, Hips : 36, Height : 5'0," Weight : 100, Shoe Size : 7


Bored? Then check out the blog already!

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Harmony Coxxx

Jan 19, 2013



Harmony Coxxx! What's there to say about this chick.. she's only done one scene as far as I know so I hope she will make more or this blog will be shortlived ;)


I love her cute little booty and she has a firm delicious body. I give her a thumbs up just like the guy in the picture. Fuck that, I'll give her two thumbs up! That makes me think, I know a couple of places on her body I would like to stick my thumbs.. ;)

Time for you to peep her site!

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This will be my first blog about a non-pornstar! She only does nude and dildo. I was so eager to find a new girl I could make a blog about and she was hot too so I didn't care. It doesn't always have to be about fucking, nude chicks can be enjoyable too :)


Krystal Shay is 20 years old and has a very nice body, I like the size of her tits and they look very ripe! I got surprised when I found a set of her peeing in the sink, that means she is pretty naughty and maybe we can hope for a Girl on Girl, or even a Boy/Girl scene one day?

If you're tired of reading then just check out her blog!

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19yo Casana Lei

Jan 07, 2013



Casana Lei is a hot teen girl that has just turned 19. She's been in the business for a few months already so I'm kinda late with this blog. I bet you will forgive me when you see all the hot pictures I've uploaded for you though :)


So, as so many of the other porn newbies this one does both guys and girls too. It's a good feature for a pornstar :) She's done some lesbian scenes already and you will of course find these on her blog.

Click here to check her out!

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18yo Nadia Nickels

Jan 05, 2013



Nadia Nickels is another 18yo girl I came across. Her ethnic background is Italian-Russian-native American. I don't have much other info about her yet but I read she's doing Girl/Girl so that's certainly promising! Her Fucked Hard 18 scene is really good to, she looks frigging awesome. I loved watching that ass gets nailed in doggystyle position! Now check out her porn blog!

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This year has started out good, three new blogs in three days! Hopefully enough new babes will enter the business so I can keep this up :)


So today I can present you Rachel Rogers. She's only done 1 scene so far, for Fucked hard 18, so I was a little hesitant to build a blog around her. But I thought what the heck and went for it! She has kinda big boobs, they are so fucking firm and looks delicious. She loves sex on cam as far as I can tell, she moans and screams like there was no tomorrow! Now check out her blog!

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Chloe Foster

Jan 03, 2013



Another bisexual teen! She's young, blonde and has a tight body. I'm already in love! She's fresh but she's done a lesbian groupsex scene, a couple of boy/girl scenes and a couple of solo/toy scenes. You can see some clips of her on this porn tube. She will do great!


Now check out the Chloe Foster blog!

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Roxanne Rae

Jan 02, 2013



Happy new year! It's been a while since my last blog but let's kick of the new year with Roxanne Rae! She is 18 years old and looks like a latina, however she's Russian and Romanian. Turned out to be a nice combo if you ask me :) As you can see she is not a shy girl, she enjoys both guys and girls and also at the same time!

Visit her blog for more sexy action!

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Adrianna Lily went ahead and did anal in her debut scene! Sounds very promising to me. She's 20 years old now, who knows what she will do in her future career :)


So she has a couple of scene out already, both POV scenes where she handle big cocks. I bet we will see lots more in a couple of months though so stay tuned! Check out her blog here!

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As you can tell from this pic Vallerie Sparks love herself a good facial! You rarely see chicks that happy about getting their face covered in jizz. This tells me she's gonna go far in this business. She does scenes with both guys and girls, now we just need some anal and we got most covered! She is 22 years old but looks younger IMO, which is just a plus. Are you ready to have a peep at her blog? Click here!

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This girl is fresh in the biz but has already gone through a name change. From Lolly Foxx to Lolly Ink. I miss the time where pornstars stuck to the same name for their whole carrier. Lolly is 29yo at the creation date of this blog, kinda late to enter the porn business. But I guess she has her reasons. With those huge melons it would be weird not to be a pornstar :) She has covered both of her arms in tattoos, I think it looks good eventhough I'm usually not a fan of tattoos. Her waist is really skinny too, making those breasts look even bigger.

Guess it's time for you to check out her BLOG!

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So hey, I got a MILF for you today! I was planning on only posting 18-19yo babes but when this Cuban hottie came by I couldn't resist giving her a blog of her own! Her ass is so fucking great, it convinced me I should upload as much content of hers as possible. Too bad she didn't enter the business untill she got in her thirties, she is 33yo as of today. Check out the Luna Star Blog!

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Abby Cross is a delicious brunette teen. So fucking cute but damn sexy at the same time! She loves to get fucked on camera, which is a good thing when you are a pornstar ;) Check out her awesome blog here!

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Alice March is a barely legal teen that I have the pleasure of presenting to you today. She has small tits but I think they fit her well. She is very slim and has a sexy body. She has only done 1 scene as far as I know, for Fucked Hard 18. Follow the blog and get all of her future updates!

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