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Serena Torres is the one to the left, the other girl is Dixie Belle. Serena is 21 years old and is Columbian and Puerto Rican. That's obviously a good mix cause she looks hot as hell! Her face is cute as a button and her ass is to die for. Doesn't get much better than that. She does both straight and lesbian porn so that is promising for her future career. I guess you want to check out her stuff by now, click here to visit her blog!

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mike says:

How can i get in contact with Serena, I am making a new porn movie in Houston, Texas and would like to know if she has an interest in starring in it? If she gets this message she can contact me via my email, look forward to hearing from her, thanks!!

admin says:

I have no idea, try to see if you can find her model agency :)

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